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Wixoss: Welcome Back Diva Booster Box

Takara Tomy

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Note: The image shown is the Japanese Version. We will have the English version which is 20 packs.

Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 92+a kinds of Cards.
Copyright TOMY
Copyright LRIG/Project Lostorage

――The origin is the top! WIXOSS fans' long-awaited [Pilluk] [Yuzuki] [Ulith] participate in the Diva Selection!
-A lot of `Memory Signi`s, such as [Eldora] and [Iona], in which Rurigu became a signi, have appeared!

[Of the 47 types of Rurigu in the latest user survey, [Piruruku], who has the same overwhelming 1st place along with [Tama], and [Yuzuki] and [Ulith], who are the most popular, participate in the war! ]
--From WIXOSS's first anime series [selector] broadcast in 2014, [Piruruku] [Yuzuki] [Ulith] has appeared as a center rurig!

[[Eldora] [Iona] and many new signatures `Memory Signi` with the power of Rurigu are included! ]
--Many long-awaited characters from WIXOSS fans of the past, such as [Eldora] and [Iona], have appeared in Rurigu's new power `Memory Signi`!

[Rurigu (* 1) and Memory Signi include special illustrations! ]
--Rurigu and Memory Signi include a special illustration version of the card in addition to the regular version!

[7 (* 2) cards are now available in the world! ]
--Includes rare cards that only exist in the world with serial numbers to commemorate the 7th anniversary of WIXOSS.