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Funbrick Series - Stick Collection (English)

Itten Games

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Let's win a stick with a 5 mm difference! Join the auction as a stick collector! Bid for a worthwhile stick with only a 5mm difference.

Players compete for sticks that are put on the table one by one. The more sticks you collect with a 5mm difference in length, the more you score, but don't get their size to close to them during a competition because you can't measure them except by your eye. While consulting with your money, consider carefully and decide whether to participate in the competition or pass. If someone runs out of money or someone competes for 8, it adds points to the score at the end of the game, but if a player can align 4 of the same length in the middle of the game, they can win immediately. It is a unique competition game where overconfidence and disappointment in eye measurement are fun.