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Itadakisashiage Pancake (Import)

Toylo Venus

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Limit of one copy per person.

English Rules are not included. The words below can teach you how to play the game.

  • Make game lovers groan with trick-taking and batting!
  • The bargaining between “Itadaki” and “Sashiage” is addictive!
  • What a delicious illustration!


"Itadakisashiage Pancake" is a delicious trick-taking game where you can get a lot of delicious-looking pancake towers with fruits and whipped cream, eat and give pancakes, and get hooked.

Each player takes out one card in order (= trick) multiple times, and when the hand is used up, the points are totaled and one round ends.

Whoever has the most points after four rounds wins.

"Prepare to start the round"

Deal cards face down to each player.

Make sure that only you can see the cards you are dealt.

Each player then builds their first 'pancake tower'. (The number of pancake towers increases as you take tricks, and is directly linked to your score. Details will be explained later.)

Each player stacks 3 cards from the dealt hands when there are 3 players, and 2 cards when there are 4 or 5 players, and places them face up in front of them all at once. . At this time, be careful not to see the cards stacked underneath.

Once everyone has built one pancake tower, the round begins.

"Round flow"

The person who ate pancakes most recently becomes the lead player for the first round.

The lead player puts any card face up from his hand into play. In clockwise order, the other players will also put out one card at a time. At this time, if you have a card of the same color as the lead player, be sure to put out a card of that color. If there is no card of the same color as the card played by the lead player, put out an arbitrary card. (Must follow)

When all players put out one card at a time, ``the player who put out the card with the largest number among the cards of the color put out by the lead player'' wins all the cards in the field. In the event of a tie, the player who played first wins the card.

The card acquisition method is ``take the card issued by the player to the left of you, stack the cards downward clockwise, and finally stack the card you issued under''.

Place the stacked cards face up in front of you so that the cards below cannot be seen. This is called a "pancake tower". Once you have obtained a Pancake Tower, place it next to the previously obtained Pancake Towers. (The number of pancake towers will increase.)

The next lead player will be the one who just won the pancake tower. Continue this until you have only one card left in your hand.

"Pancake Chance"

When you put out a card, if you put out a card with the same value as a card that has already been put out (at this time, the color does not matter), a "pancake chance" will occur. The player who generated the pancake chance should do either "Itadaki" or "Sashiage" below.

"Itadaki" "Take the top card of one of the pancake towers of the player who has already issued the same value card and stack it on any pancake tower you have" (However, there is only one You cannot have the pancake tower.)

"Give" "Give the top card of one of your pancake towers to the top of one of the pancake towers of a player who has already issued a card of the same value."

If you do either "Itadaki" or "Sashiage", you get 1 point for each card you move. (Use chips and dice at this time.)

Pancake chance may occur with 2 or more people at the same time. Then do it in any order.

Stack the last remaining card in your hand on top of your pancake tower at the same time. Then calculate your score.

"Score calculation"

・1 point for each pancake tower

・ 1 point for each card moved in the pancake chance

・The score for the top (visible) number of the pancake tower in front of you will be entered as a bonus point.

After 4 rounds, whoever gets the most points wins. In case of a tie, the victory is shared.