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Mogutte (モグッテ)

こぐまやん (Kogumayan)

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Note: This import does not include English rules, but the English rules can be downloaded here.

モグッテ MOGUTTE is a hand-building game from Japan, with the theme of sea otters' ecology.

In this game, each player is a sea otter that aims to eat its fill of favorite foods! The otters predate on foods like clams, urchins, and crabs. These all have a hard shell, so you need to use the stone to break shells, in order to eat the prey. You can also find many of these preys that live on the seafloor by diving deeper, with the stone as a weight.

Orcas and sharks, the natural enemies of the sea otter, may be lurking offshore. Don't forget to wrap yourself in the kelp bed so you don't get swept offshore.