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Ratoro (Import)

Sui Works

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Limit one copy per person.

Ratoro does not include English instructions. English instructions can be downloaded by clicking here.

Number of people: 2-4
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Game design: Fugame
Artwork: Natsumi Miyano
Publishing / Editing: Sui Works

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Support shops and facilities to develop your village! A mid-level board game from the Worker Placement x Set Collection!

This is the La Toro region where two tribes live, the Uca and the Suma.
As a member of the Uka tribe, you will do your best to develop the village.
Collect resources well and support shops and facilities to contribute to the development of the village and become the best clan.

A board game of worker placement x set collection by Sui Works x Kame's tag team!
In a short time of 4 rounds, you can enjoy a dense interaction with the advance elements of worker placement!
The essence of Fuki, who has created rich games, can be felt throughout the game!