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Retropolis (Import)

Analog Lunchbox / Polar Pond

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This game is an import from Japan and does not include English instructions. Click here for English Rules.

From the mid-18 th century through the 19 th century, the Western world experienced a period of rapid technological innovation that transformed its manufacturing industries.
You are the mayor of a British city, striving to achieve new prosperity in the midst of the Industry Revolution by developing your municipality into a hub of industry through the introduction of factories and railroads.
Simply expanding your city is not enough; you will also need to secure coal to fuel the steam engines powering these technological marvels.
Will you succeed in creating the world’s greatest industrial city and leave a lasting legacy as its mayor?

In the game, players are bidding in an auction for tiles that they will add to their city, generally overlapping already existing tiles. In the auction, rather than bidding money, players bid with how many squares of their existing city they will cover with the tile they acquire. However, at the end of the game, some of the scoring will be based upon who has the most squares showing of certain types. Some squares require special resources to operate, and other squares cannot be covered.