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Distilled Playmat (Kickstarter)

Paverson Games

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The Premium Market Playmat enhances the Distilled experience, by providing a full-art neoprene playmat to serve in the middle of the table as the market mat. Note: Playmat pictured is just an artist rendering.

This will hold the decks and face-up cards for the Distillery Upgrades and Premium Items and Ingredients. It will be placed next to the truck board. It is not required to play Distilled, but deluxe-a-fies the experience!

The playmat will be printed on one side with a black neoprene rubber backing (like a thick mousepad). There will be stiching on the edge with rounded corners. It will measure roughly 330 x 432 mm when laid flat on the table.

Note: The playmat will not fit in the Distilled game box, due to this being an add-on item.