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À Toute Vitesse!


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Slower or faster? You decide !

Have fun guessing and comparing the performances of 66 objects or living beings, from the turtle to the shooting star. Can a swallow outrun a motorcycle? Is a tennis ball faster than a helicopter? Does a parachutist go faster than a drakkar? You have a one in three chance of getting your card in the right place.

À Toute Vitesse is a game of deduction, comparison and knowledge on the theme of speed. Extend the experience by reading the documentary booklet that presents the 66 themes of the game.

The master of the game shows a card at random and hides the speed indication with his index finger.
The player who is asked to guess where he should place the card: is the object slower, faster or the same speed as one of the cards already on the table?  The player being questioned has 3 possibilities, but only one possible answer. With each turn, the game becomes more complicated, as the number of cards increases and the range of possibilities becomes wider and wider.

When a player make a mistake, he holds the card in front of him. When he have 5 cards (2 to 3 players) or 3 cards (4 players), he is eliminated from the game. The last player in play wins the game.

Adapted by Pierre Bellet from the children's book "À Toute Vitesse" by Cruschiform.