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Easy Come, Easy Go


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Easy Come, Easy Go features gameplay familiar to anyone who's played Yahtzee or many other dice games, with you trying to roll combinations of dice in order to score. The nine combinations are four of a kind, two pairs, a straight, exactly 7, exactly 13, sum of 3 or less, sum of 17 or more, and three of a kind with all numbers being odd/even.

The four dice show numbers 0-5, and on a turn you roll all four dice, freeze one or more of the dice, roll all unfrozen dice, freeze one or more dice, etc. until either all four dice are frozen or you have achieved a combination and can claim the tile showing this combination, whether from the center of the table or from another player.

If you claim a third combination tile, then the next two players (or the same player twice in a two-player game) each have one chance to steal one of your combinations. If they fail to do so, you win! If they do steal one, then perhaps they now have three and have a shot at winning themselves!