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Funbrick Series - Bonfire Party (Import)

Itten Games

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Click Here to download English Instructions for Bonfire Party.

Everybody's Fire so light it with your heart! A collaborative game perfect for an ice breaker. "One, Two, fire!"

It is a cooperative game to bring up the flame by playing a match in. Working together to lay patterns of matches, working to increase the flames. Aim to ignite the flame of the smallest "1" at first, with a total of five flamings. The match in the hand is put out at the same time by the shout of "One, Two! Fire!"

If the total number of colors in either match, red or blue, becomes "1", the ignition succeeds. Next, we aim to grow flames with "2", "3", "4", and "5". Even if it succeeds or fails, the match that you put out will be put on the pedestal. It might be a hint, saying that "That person's color will come out next time". If someone's match runs out on the way, the game is over. If you can't increase the flames splendidly, try extinguishing the fire.