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Give Me A++

Wonderful World Board Game

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Please Note: This game includes an English Rule Book but the cards are not in English. Click here to download a pdf of the English version of the cards, which can be printed out and placed over the original cards in a sleeve.

Brrrringggggggg (School Bell Rings)

The exam is going to start in 5 minutes. This is a game that every student will try to take a exam in the same classroom. Whoever can get the 100 points (A++), he/she will be the winner of the game.

Before the game starts, players need to choose which colors they would like to represent. There will be a surprise if you can win the game.

During the gameplay, there will be two phase. First phase is [Card Placing]. Players need to take turn placing one of the card on the empty seat. How many turns to play is based on how many players in the game, 2/3/4/5/6 players, 4/3/2/2/2/ cards will be on the gameboard.
Second phase is [Resolution], players flip over all the cards on the gameboard and start resolve them by order. Every fun situation will occur during this phase. Players will +/- points by cards effect. Whoever can get the 100 points during the game is the winner.

Give me A++ was imported from Taiwan.