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Helppp Me

Wonderful World Board Game

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Please Note: This game includes an English Rule Book.

Helppp Me is a hand management, draw and discard, resource control game for 2-4 players using actions and character ability to get the most resource and rescue creatures in the underworld.

In the game, there are 4 races of creatures: Vampire, Mummy, Zombie and Werewolf. Each race has 6 different identities, from baby, child … to the king. On the Player’s turn, there are two actions you can choose:1.) Play a card in his front to form a waiting rescue zone. 2.) Discard a card to help the player get 2 first aid kits tokens to rescue creatures, but be aware, the creature who gets discarded will curse your whole team with his race’s skill. Will you be able to save the most creatures in this difficult circumstance?

The game lasts until all the first aid kits tokens are taken. The winner is the player with the most points.

Helppp Me was imported from Taiwan.