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Thrones of Valeria + Mico Playing Card Deck (Kickstarter)

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If you like trick-taking games then you will love this one. In Thrones, cards you play have powers, the rank of suits fluctuates, and winning a trick can actually be damaging depending on timing!

Long ago, when Valeria was a fledgling realm, the five great houses were constantly bickering, stealing, conspiring, and even assassinating each other for the chance to become the wealthiest and most powerful house, allowing one to rise to the throne of the land…temporarily. The game that evolved from their power struggles has thrived among the common people looking for a taste of the antics of the nobility and is now the sort of game travelers play in taverns, for fun and money.

Thrones of Valeria reflects the tug-of-war between the great houses in the earliest days of the Kingdom. When printed, the game will be presented as a traditional card game with a deck made up of five suits of cards numbered 1 to 9, plus three special Jesters. The game will also feature a Standings Board and chunky ""mahjong-style"" House tiles to reflect the relative power of each house throughout the game. A draw bag for the House tiles and an assortment of coins will also be included.

Mico Playing Card Deck:

This is a custom 54-card deck by the one and only Mico!