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Diamond Dig Deluxe (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

25th Century Games

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From Designers Alan R. Moon and Bobby West comes the next evolution in push your luck games. Diamond Dig!

Players take on the role of miners exploring caves for riches in this press your luck game.

Each player will have their own bag of chips to draw from. Each round the Start Player will ask who is continuing to dig and explore the caves, and who is out (taking what they have found and going back to camp).

Press your luck and draw several chips from your bag, or play it steady and safe. The choice is yours in this light, fast and fun game!

Each Mining bag has several types of chips (2 of each) and 4 fools gold. Draw a match of any chip and you BUST losing everything you gathered that turn. After, players may dig on the map for even more riches - but run the risk of finding fools gold yet again. The player with the most spoils at the end of the game wins!