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Adventure Mart


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Adventure Mart is a deck building card game of store management
set in a modern, high fantasy world. Each player takes on the role of
an Adventure Mart Manager setting up shop in a new town near the
latest dungeon to be uncovered and will compete for the custom of
adventurers from the local guilds. Players buy and sell powerful and
exotic Stock to a host of strange and diverse customers, while also
hiring uniquely talented Staff members who can help out. Players
have only a few days to outperform their competition before all stores
are liquidated at the end of the working week in this game of thrilling
adventure capitalism!

• Adventure Mart is an exciting deckbuilder set in a
fantastical world of adventure capitalism!
• Easy to Learn - Approachable, easy to understand
rules get players up and running quickly.
• Hybrid Fun - A unique combination of deckbuilding
and bidding mechanisms offer a one of a kind
• High-Quality - Beautiful art and presentation
throughout makes for a truly appealing game.