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Arkham Horror LCG: In Too Deep (Innsmouth 1)

Fantasy Flight Games

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Continue to dive beneath the surface and investigate the twisted and
strange happenings in the small fishing hamlet of Innsmouth! Following
closely on the heels of The Innsmouth Conspiracy deluxe expansion,
this cycle of Mythos Packs tells the remaining chapters of the story.
From the mysterious heights of Devil Reef island to abyssal tunnels far
beneath the ocean surface, players will have to go deeper than ever
before if they are going to uncover the truth behind the cult’s activities
and safeguard the world from a rising tide.

Every new Mythos Pack in the cycle offers an assortment of new player
cards for players to build and upgrade their decks, along with a
brand-new scenario and the next chapter of The Innsmouth Conspiracy
story in every pack. Venture beneath the choppy ocean waves, and
uncover the secrets below!

• Every Mythos Pack offers another scenario and the next chapter of
the unfolding campaign.
• New player cards in every pack offer a wide assortment of additions
for every investigator.
• New bless and curse mechanics give players an intriguing new way
to interact with the mythos bag.