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Arkham Horror LCG: Return To The Forgotten Age Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games

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The passage of time itself has become tangled and knotted, and
though you thought you had left the jungles of southern Mexico and
the depths of Yoth behind you, it appears that they are not as far away
as they might seem. Like a snake eating its own tail, the timeline is
looping back around itself again...
Within the Return to the Forgotten Age upgrade expansion for Arkham
Horror: The Card Game, you’ll find new scenario cards and encounter
sets that you can add into every scenario of The Forgotten Age,
mixing up your investigations with new dangers and new objectives.
New player cards, representing upgraded versions of cards from
The Forgotten Age give you new tools and options whenever you’re
upgrading your decks. And with a full assortment of card dividers,
you’ll be able to easily sort and store your entire campaign.