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Bloodborne: The Board Game - Forbidden Woods Expansion


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During the day, the woods provide materials for building and
cooking and are a source of food. But when darkness falls,
different types of creatures begin to roam about and it’s an
entirely different breed of Hunter that moves among the trees.
The Forbidden Woods are known as that for a reason, but to
stop a growing threat, the Hunters are going in. The Forbidden
Woods expansion for Bloodborne: The Board Game gives
players two full campaigns and a side mission that they can
attempt. Players can come across treasures that are found
nowhere else, but they must be careful, as the woods conceal
all new types of monsters and two new bosses lurking in the
dense foliage. The twisting streets of Yharnam might seem
quaint by comparison. Players can even embark on the side
mission during their regular games of Bloodborne: The Board
Game by simply adding the special side mission to their

• New Campaigns - Two all-new campaigns
will challenge players in new ways. The
included side mission can be used with the
new campaigns or integrated into any from
the core box.
• New Foes - Five new types of monsters
and two new bosses lay in wait for the
Hunters in the depths of the forest. They'll
ambush the Hunters, poison them, and
beguile them with illusions. Only a strong
Hunter will see through their tricks.
• New Map - The crowded streets of
Yharnam give way to dark woodlands,
represented by new game tiles. Any
though of enjoying some peace and quiet
outside of the city is gone as the woods
close in around the Hunters.

21 Miniatures, 135 Standard Cards, 46 Mini Cards, 6 Tarot-
sized Cards, 12 Tiles