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Bricolage Heads (Import)

Ramble Odd Potato

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In a crowded red-light district, brothers are turning trash into gigantic monsters to win fans of street art in a competition that takes place in the crowded entertainment district. By promoting your work and expanding your influence in the city, fans will come from further afield.

Enter a mysterious world of street art in a mysterious city in BRICOLAGE HEADS. Make art quickly and promote it even more quickly so that your opponent doesn't steal your fans. After all, by bringing in fans you can get kick-ass effects. The higher the value, the more fans you can bring in at once — but you cannot concentrate solely on increasing the value because the player who draws the last fan from a town square gains the right to erect their own sign in that square.

Not only can you earn points by building a signboard; you can also choose from multiple signboard effects to activate.