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Candy Teeth RPG

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Candy Teeth is a storytelling game of creativity, power, and violence for 3 players by Adam Vass inspired by Brand New Cherry Flavor. Using the included cards and rules, players take turns creating scenes exploring the dynamics between three roles:

  • The Tooth - an artist/creator/wunderkind, a person with exceptional ability and drive. They have worked for years honing their craft and are ready to take the next step towards a great destiny no matter who gets in their way.

  • The Rot - a producer/curator/publisher, a person at the top of their industry. They have influence, advice, and assets to bestow upon those they deem worthy but only when it furthers their own agenda.

  • The Sweetness - a witch/alchemist/soothsayer, a person with unknowable power. They have a connection to a realm beyond ours and a hidden motive that brings them into an otherwise ordinary fold.

Presented as a 16 page full-color zine, allowing you access to the complete rules and cut-out the 24 card deck.