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Claim 2

Deep Water Games

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The King is dead... again! What happened? No one knows, but the throne is up
for grabs! Win the favor of the five factions to claim the throne! Quick to learn, and easy to play makes this a perfect filler, a great game for the cafe, or an excellent choice for your next date night! 

Claim 2 is the direct sequel to Claim and features five brand new factions and races to win over. Claim and Claim 2 can also be combined to play a three or four player fight for the throne!

Each preorder comes with a free copy of the Dark Elves promo, which you can swap out for different factions from Claim 1 and 2 for a new playing experience!

Number of Players: 2
Ages: 10+
Game Time: 25 minutes
Mechanics: Trick Taking, Set Collection