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Compendium of Creatures RPG

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This unique, full-color book is an illustrated guide to the cryptids & magical creatures of North America. Now you can bring in folklore creatures and magical chimera to any tabletop game, with this system agnostic bestiary that is full of amazing flavor text to add detail and drama plus facts for each cryptid and creature, including biology, diet, habitat, magical uses, and defenses. Beautiful faux leather and gold leaf embossed cover, heavy glossy pages with full-body, full-page, full-color illustrations, it will look great (and immersive) at your table and is useful for dungeon masters and monster-aficionados alike. Written like a creatures textbook or encyclopedia and "annotated" by a snarky monster hunter who disagrees with the experts. These creatures are a unique combo of the cute and curious, legendary beasts, and the stuff of nightmares. Stat them up for a 5e or Pathfinder campaign using the descriptive text, or drop them into any indie game. Or just enjoy reading this fun romp and imagining your creature encounters!