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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Black Bolt and Medusa

Atomic Mass Games

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Blackagar Boltagon, known as Black Bolt, is the king of the
Inhumans, a strain of humans genetically engineered by the Kree
Empire to be living weapons. With his voice, Black Bolt harness
immense power. When he speaks, he can produce a shockwave
able to level a whole city. Even a whisper from Black Bolt
renders his enemies feeble and broken. He has endured rigorous
conditioning to control this power, choosing to remain totally silent.
Only in defense of his people does Black Bolt unleash this power
of his destructive voice.

Medusaligh Amaquelin-Boltagon, or Medusa, is the wife of Black
Bolt and queen of the Inhumans. Through exposure to the Terrigen
mists, she gained psychokinetic control over her hair. Each strand
is stronger than steel and she can manipulate them like an array
of countless appendages. She can whip her hair faster than the
speed of sound or use it to bind someone in place. Medusa’s
control of her hair is so precise that she can use it to perform work
as delicate as picking a lock or threading a needle.