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Tensions mount aboard your colony ship. An anonymous act of
sabotage goes awry, and your vessel crash-lands on a frigid,
uncharted planet in the distant reaches of space. Your only hope
for survival is to take shelter in the planet’s warmer subterranean
caverns before the sun sets. Send your drones to gather
resources, build makeshift vehicles, and rescue your stranded
crew before your opponents can obstruct your efforts. Even once
you are safely below, other factions will be vying for control over
the limited space. Salvage what you can and settle underground
before the sun sets!

• A unique twist on worker placement and engine-
building mechanics: drones take useful actions
when you dispatch them and when you recall them
to your player board
• Rescue your crew and send them underground to
win area majorities and earn the most points
• Variable setup from game to game makes for a
unique challenge every time
• High-quality plastic components and distinct,
vibrant art throughout the game


1 Game Board, 4 Platforms, 12 Drones, 60 Crew Pods, 16 Material Markers, 4 Energy Pegs, 40 Cards, 14 Cavern Tiles, 12
Damage Markers, 60 Resource Tiles, 33 Incident Tokens, 8 Reference Cards, 1 Scorepad