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Encounters: Shattered Wastes (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

Almanac Games

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This deposit secures you access to the pledge manager for Encounters: Shattered Wastes. We will contact you regarding your options. The remaining balance (TBD) will be due when the game arrives.

Encounters: Shattered Wastes is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Each player chooses one or more characters (for a total of 2-4 characters being used in a single game) to explore the land of untamed magic known as The Shattered Wastes.

Players will fight an enemy in a battle known as an Encounter. Players win an encounter when both sides of an Enemy Card are defeated by reducing the enemy’s Strength and inflicting Wounds. Players and their characters will need to work together to weaken the enemy using their own attacks, which shifts the enemy’s Strength from Stamina to Fatigue. This will Stagger the enemy, giving players the opportunity to inflict Wounds upon it. Enemies will harm characters by using both Strength and Rage cards.

Players lose an encounter if all characters have been removed from the Encounter by having their Health Points (HP) reduced to 0 or have fully succumbed to corruption.