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Esoteric (Import)

Sui Works

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Puzzle × paper pen game
“ESOTERIC Esoteric”
Number of people: 1-5
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Game design: Nanane Ikemoto
Artwork: Natsumi Miyano
Publishing / Editing: Sui Works

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Combine the puzzles and solve the mystery. A medium-sized board game that combines puzzles and paper pen games!

Many unsolved cases have remained in this town since ancient times.
You will be a detective from all over the world, exploring the city and collecting the necessary information and evidence.
Let's solve the mystery of the unsolved case by combining the collected information and evidence with puzzles!

Board game of puzzle x paper pen game by Sui Works x Nanane Ikemoto!
Nanane Ikemoto, who created the paper pen cooperation game "Nick and Monica", is now introducing a competitive paper pen game.