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Legends of Sleepy Hollow


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You thought the Headless Horseman was merely a myth. But now Ichabod Crane has gone missing in a town that grows ever darker, and you wonder - could the legends be true? Unfold the tale of the mysterious disappearance of Ichabod Crane through the eyes of four Tarrytown residents who have strange ties to the supernatural in an ever-darkening Sleepy Hollow in Legends of Sleepy Hollow! Taking on the roles of undertaker Jeremiah Pincke, minister Elijah Kappel, Revolutionary War veteran Matthias Geroux, and tanner Emily Van Winkle in this cooperative, miniatures-based, campaign game full of secrets and twists, players will have to work closely together to overcome their fear, unravel the mysteries of the glen, and become true Legends of Sleepy Hollow.