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Hellboy: The Board Game - Hellboy in Mexico Expansion


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Hellboy was sent to Mexico to deal with a large
outbreak of supernatural activity. Many people were
killed and Hellboy did what he could. He teamed up
with three luchador brothers who had received a vision
from the Virgin Mary to quit wrestling and start fighting
monsters. The four fought monsters all day and drank
all night. One night the youngest brother wandered off
and was taken by the monsters. The remaining three
looked for him but could not find any trace.

• Innovative case file system to run each mission for you. BPRD case
files will set the scene, each being Top Secret so players will have
no clue what they’re about to face!
• In addition to the Case File system, the DECK of DOOM! will
attempt to ruin even the best laid plans. Each turn, you will draw
a card from the DECK of DOOM!, these cards may spawn new
enemies or even target specific agents with effects.
• Highly detailed miniatures allow for play right from the box!
However, these miniatures can also be painted and modeled in
vivid full color creations.
• Product can slide onto any retail shelf with ease. The Hellboy brand
has been key in placing this product into mass market locations,
hobby/gaming stores as well as comic book based locations.