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Kabuto Sumo - Sakura Slam (Deposit) (Kickstarter)


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It's cherry blossom season. As the beautiful sakura petals fall, a calm tranquility lingers in the air. It's the perfect calm before the storm: welcome to the Sakura Slam!

In this standalone sequel to Kabuto Sumo, players return as the wrestling Kabutomushi ("helmet bugs") and compete to knock off their opponents on an all-new square arena. The coin-pushing mechanic returns, but with a new platform, characters, pillars, and powers.

New Arena Features:

In Sakura Slam, you must push from the corners of the arena. That makes it harder to focus completely on defense, as you can’t always push your piece away from the edge—this means less stalemates and more body slams.

Four fixed corner posts loom over each match. Using these posts, can you better predict how an aggressive maneuver will play out? Alternatively, if you’re near the edge: can you “rope-a-dope” and use the post defensively?

When you push from a corner you haven’t pushed from before, you place a marker, "tagging" that corner. Place one on each of the four posts to take a second push action immediately.

Will you try and activate this power every four turns? Or, will you save one corner un-tagged until you have the perfect, epic, game-winning setup created?

All but two characters are compatible with the original Kabuto Sumo.