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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Captain America & War Machine Character Pack

Atomic Mass Games

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After the super-soldier serum wore off, Steve Rogers was
restored to his natural age. Unable to battle any longer, he
retired from the role of Captain America. Rogers chose Sam
Wilson, one of his closest and most trusted allies, to take up the
shield in his place. Wilson had already proven his commitment to
protecting justice as the Avenger Falcon and continues to
protect the vulnerable as Captain America.

Lieutenant Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes is War Machine, an
armored Avenger and walking arsenal. As Tony Stark’s personal
pilot and closest friend, Rhodes wears the Variable Threat
Response Battle Suit, a suit of armor equipped with a variety of
armaments including shoulder-mounted cannons, missile
launchers, particle beams, repulsors, and more. War Machine
combines his many years of experience as a Marine pilot and
Tony Stark’s cutting-edge designs as an Avenger and symbol of
mechanized might.