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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Carnage & Mysterio Character Pack

Atomic Mass Games

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Quentin Beck began a life of crime as a frustrated artist.
A successful stunt man and special effects creator in
Hollywood, he turned to criminal life after failing to
gain the recognition he thought he deserved. Donning
the mantle of Mysterio, Beck uses illusions, hypnosis,
and trickery to enact his criminal schemes. A longtime
rival of Spider-Man, Mysterio’s gadgets and intelligence
allow him to tangle with his super-powered foe. The
killer Cletus Kasady shared a prison cell on Ryker’s
Island with Eddie Brock, the human host of Venom.
Kasady merged with an insane offspring of the original
Venom symbiote, which bonded to his bloodstream,
transforming him into the deadly and unpredictable
villain Carnage.