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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Punisher and Taskmaster

Atomic Mass Games

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Frank Castle was an honest ex-Marine just trying to live a normal
life with the family he loved. When his family was tragically gunned
down, Frank went on a mission of vengeance, first against those
directly responsible, then swearing an oath to punish those who
hurt the innocent. An expert in close quarters combat, a trained
marksman, and an explosives expert, Frank now stalks the mean
streets delivering his own brand of personal justice as the Punisher.

When Anthony Masters injected himself with an experimental serum
designed to unlock the brain’s procedural memory potential, he
gained the ability to instantly replicate the physical movements of
anyone he saw. Using these photographic reflexes, Masters took on
the name Taskmaster and became a mercenary—selling his skills to
the highest bidder. Thanks to his mnemonic memory, Taskmaster is
able to memorize, utilize, and predict the attacks of any opponent,
turning their own physical abilities against them.