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Marvel Zombies - Sentinel Strike Kickstarter Edition


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Even as the zombie apocalypse rages on, the threats that plague the lives of heroes do not cease. Sentinels, the colossal, automated mutant hunters are still on the prowl. As the obedient robots that they are, they will hunt whoever they are programmed to, be it the living or the undead, mutant or not.

But two can play at this game, as the heroes have capture and reprogrammed a Sentinel of their own!

Marvel Zombies: Sentinel Strike - A Zombicide Game is an expansion for Marvel Zombies that brings the towering Sentinel robots to challenge the players! These automated hunters adapt to the players' strategies, coordinating to eliminate them over the course of specially designed Missions for both Zombie Mode and Hero Mode (or any others you may want). To aid the players, the powerful Professor X, himself, joins the fight, in both Super Hero and Zombie Hero versions. And if that's not enough, the players can even take control of Nana, the reprogrammed Sentinel!


  • 5 Character Pieces
  • 3 ID Cards
  • 15 Mini Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

This expansion requires the Marvel Zombies Core Box to play in Zombie Mode, or the X-Men Resistance Core Box to play in Hero Mode.