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Metrorunner (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

Thunderworks Games

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Being a runner in Mirror City's underworld ain't easy, but you're determined to make a name for yourself amidst all the opportunities a dystopian future has to offer. After all, you're the sharpest hacker in your district, right? Keep a wary bio-enhanced eye over your shoulder as you ride the Metro, though, because other runners are determined to cut in on your action!

Metrorunner is a competitive worker-movement and resource-collection game for 1-5 players set in a high-tech neon future featuring a tile-puzzle mini-game. Circling the districts of Mirror City on the Metro line, you compete for resources as you race to fulfill contracts for the ruthless and greedy mega-corporations. Grow your influence and gain reputation, squeezing every credit you can from corrupt factions, while you secretly steal their data for your home district!

Carefully plot your path around the city to avoid and cut off other runners, while taking opportunities to use your skills and upgrades to hack into network nodes. Manipulate the circuitry of a central tile grid, cleverly altering the pathways of an ever-changing puzzle to breach the firewalls.

Secure your influence and notoriety by completing tricky jobs across the city, hijacking black market tech, and spending your hard-earned credits wisely. Only then will you rise above the competition, earning a coveted place within the power struggle of Mirror City.

At the end of the line, will you win the respect of the underworld, or fade into obscurity?