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Mind MGMT - Secret Missions Expansion

Burnt Island Games

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Throughout the components of the MIND MGMT game, there are 9 hidden codes (and 1 in the app now). When you enter these codes into the website FluxSafeHouse.com, they give you a brand new card that you can print out and add to your game. This Secret Mission expansion provides all 9 of the hidden cards (plus 1 from the free gift for a total of 10!), professionally printed.

Each card will come sealed in an envelope so you can choose to either open them all up, or search for the hidden codes yourself. When you find a code and enter it into the website, you will be instructed to open a specific envelope.

If you want multiple things, back for any one of these pledges and manually adjust your pledge amount to include everything you want. Or you can wait until the pledge manager and do it then!