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My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria DBG - Collision Course Expansion


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The skies of Ponyville have opened up, and we find our heroines home hijacked by the unlikeliest of new friends and nasty foes: the Autobots and Decepticons of Cybertron! Travel around both Equestria and Cybertron to find everything you need to build a powerful deck! This expansion requires the My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria Deck-Building Game. Features: Due to some magical mayhem, the Transformers find themselves in Equestria! The Decepticons teaming up with nefarious Pony Villains can't lead to anything good.The Mane Six (and Spike!) team up with the Autobots as two in one character cards! Use the mighty Autobots abilities by generating Energon on cards (or getting an energy boost by eating a Sugar Cube instead!)