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No Mercy For Monsters


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While a family is dining out, monsters are invading their house. Your
role? Knock them down before the family comes back. You have
a few tricks up your sleeves to counter the spells monsters throw
back at you: hit them with socks, aim balls at them and drop bucket
of water on their heads.

No Mercy for Monsters is a cooperative game where players team
up to knock down monsters before all the hidden tokens run out.

Open the book, unfold the flaps to build a house and place the
monsters around it. You are not playing D&D but to win, you will
also have to fight monsters and bring them down — literally. This
original concept, and the special actions players must do before
throwing the tokens, make it a fun party game for children from
4 years up. Dexterity, memory and cooperation are the key to