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Project Elite


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The first attacks came suddenly, without warning. Our defenses were
devastated, most major cities being turned into craters. When the
aliens came, they made their presence known by the devastation they
left. However, after those first attacks, things became much more
surgical in nature. We realized that the aliens weren’t trying to destroy
everything, even though they proved they certainly could. They wanted
our planet as intact as possible for their own colonization. But still,
Earth is our home, and we will protect our home.
In Project: ELITE, players take on the role of heroes trying to save the
Earth after the first wave of an alien invasion. The game uses real-time
elements, as players roll their action dice, letting them move around
the board and attack targets during a two-minute sprint each round.
However, the action dice also have an alien face side, which will let
the enemy advance towards their goal. Players must coordinate their
movement during the energetic, hectic time limit if they want to finish
their goals and send the aliens packing.

• Real-time Gameplay - Each round during the
frantic action phase, players must roll their action
dice as quickly as possible, trying to roll the results
they need to save the world. Just beware of rolling
alien faces.
• Multiple Difficulty Levels - Customize your
gaming experience with three difficulty levels. Can
you survive hard mode?
• 1-6 Player Support - Project: ELITE supports
from one to six players, with detailed rules for solo
play. Save the Earth no matter how many players
show up for game night.

59 Miniatures, 148 Cards, 6 Counter Bases, 23 Cardboard Objective Tiles, 18 Hit Dice, 1 Double-Sided Map Board, 108
Cardboard Tokens, 6 Cardboard Player Boards, 6 Acrylic Cubes, 1 Digital Timer, 24 Action Dice, 1 Rulebook