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Radical Queer Witches: The Queer, Anti-Racist, Spiritual Card Game


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The first queer, anti-racist card game. Radical Queer Witches is a prompt-and-answer-style party card game for adults. There are 460 cards in this game designed and intended for BIPOC, LGBTQI+ communities + allies. This game uses familiar gameplay but has a queer & anti-racist lens. It includes topics of accountability, capitalism, spirituality, self-growth, queerness, and sex. It's satiric, it's real, and it's inclusive.

This game is meant to be inclusive to marginalized people and communities. There is zero racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, fatphobia, or ableism. Instead, we address issues of race, oppression, and white supremacy by focusing on and holding those who benefit accountable. Please see the FAQ for further questions.

Queer & BIPOC created.

  • 310 answer cards
  • 150 prompt cards
  • Includes blank cards to fill in.

Changes from the first run of the game: Thanks for all your feedback on the first batch! I was able to update and fix a lot of things :)

  • Darker green answer card color
  • 20 new cards + updated old cards
  • Spelling & grammar edits