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Ragnarocks + Winds of Chaos Expansion (Kickstarter)

Grey Fox Games

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Ragnarocks is a 2-player area control game designed by Gord! - the designer of Santorini and Santorini: New York. In Norse mythology, humans exist in the land of Midgard - a place in the center of the world tree and connected to the nine realms. Among these nine realms live gods and goddesses, serpents and spirits, and all manner of mythical and mystical creatures.

In Ragnarocks you take on the role of a Viking clan using Runestones to mark your clan’s claims of land. In the advanced game, your clan worships one of these powerful beings from another realm who lends you their power to help you outwit rivals and claim territories for your clan.
At the end of the game, the clan who controls the most territory in Midgard wins!

A player's turn consists of a move phase and a summoning phase.
During the move phase you move one of your active Vikings any number of spaces in a straight line.
During the summoning phase you summon a runestone and place it on any space along a path following a straight line from the location of the Viking you moved. Whenever a summoning creates an encloses area containing only vikings of a single clan, that area becomes settles and belongs to the player whose clan occupies it.

When all vikings have settled, the player who controls the most territory wins.


The Winds of Chaos Expansion adds 9 new Mythology cards with some super fun powers supported by the extra components included, adding even more variability to your game sessions!

The 2 Custom Dice will be used to randomly determine a direction for you to make additional moves, summon additional runestones, or manipulate your opponents depending on the Mythology card you are using.

The 6 Viking Cards included will allow you to select a specific figure on the board in secret to receive a bonus or hindrance at the end of the game - again based on the Mythology cards in play.

And the 10 adorable Mountain Minis pair with other Mythology cards to allow for extra movement or even stand in as a strong and immovable Viking!