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Eagle-Gryphon Games

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Welcome to the world of SAGANI where achieving
harmony between the natural elements of Earth,
Water, Air and Fire is the central goal of the spirits
that populate this land. These spirits spend most
of their time in vessel-like dwellings. But when the
elements are put into balance, the spirits emerge
from their vessels and show themselves in their
full form.

Each spirit embodies one of the four elements and
influences the harmony between them. In Sagani,
as you and your opponents create this colorful,
harmonious world by employing your Sound discs,
the spirits become fully visible. Every spirit that
shows itself brings you a step closer to victory!

Sagani is the spiritual successor to Uwe
Rosenberg’s SDJ nominated game Nova Luna.
Sagani is a unique tile laying game where your
goal is to position the arrows on your tiles to point
towards other tiles of the correct color.

During the game you will choose a Spirit of Nature
tile and place it in your personal display. The
arrows on the tiles placed indicate the needed
alignment of other tiles so that they match in
color. As soon as you have aligned together all
the arrows with the proper colored tiles, you will
be rewarded with points for completing that tile’s
task. Be careful though, because if at any point
too many tasks remain unfulfilled, you will receive
Cacophony discs and negative points.