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Star Wars: Legion - ARC Troopers Unit Expansion

Atomic Mass Games

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The most elite clone troopers join your ranks with the ARC Troopers
Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! As the Galactic Republic’s first
special forces unit, ARC Troopers take on the most arduous missions,
pushing their physical, tactical, and strategic skills to the limit. Among
the most flexible warriors in the Grand Army of the Republic, they can
be deployed in full squads or small fire teams while staying mobile with
their JT-12 Jetpacks.
No matter how you decide to use them in battle, you’ll find plenty of
ways to customize the seven high detailed unpainted miniatures in the
ARC Troopers Unit Expansion. In addition to multiple helmet options
for every ARC Trooper, some troopers can be assembled wielding
dual DC-17 hand blasters or with a powerful DC-15x sniper rifle.
Finally, several troopers are highly posable as they blast into action
with their jetpacks. Push your army to the limit with the ARC Troopers
Unit Expansion!

• A Galactic Republic expansion for Star Wars:
• The Republic’s first special forces unit
• Includes seven highly detailed ARC Trooper
miniatures that feature a variety of customization
• Deploy a full unit of ARC Troopers, or a two-man
fire team ideal for surgical strikes
• Eight upgrade cards invite you to add additional
weapons, equipment, and even iconic ARC
Troopers like “Fives” to your unit