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Star Wars: Legion - Cad Bane Operative Expansion

Atomic Mass Games

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Take control of the battle and claim your bounty with the Cad Bane
Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! The Separatist Alliance’s
first operative, Cad Bane needs no introduction as he calls upon all of
his bounty hunting skills to track down targets on the battlefield. On
top of his natural skills, his three signature command cards provide
even more ways for him to influence the flow of battle and the six
upgrade cards found in this expansion allow you to further augment his
abilities with new weapons, gear, and more.
When he does join your army, you have full control over how Cad
Bane appears in battle. The highly detailed unpainted hard plastic
Cad Bane miniature found in this expansion features a variety of
customization options, inviting you to assemble it with or without his
signature hat, or with different weapons. Make your own rules with the
Cad Bane Operative Expansion!