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Star Wars: Legion - LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansion

Atomic Mass Games

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Scour the battlefield with the LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit
Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! First seeing use by Republic
police forces during the height of the Clone Wars, this
transport is sufficiently armed and armored to contend with
criminal enterprises or insurgent cells. Whether dropping clone
troopers into urban battlefields or pinning down Rebel soldiers,
both the Republic and Empire can use the LAAT/le for both
transport and air support. Within this expansion, players will
find everything needed to add a LAAT/le Patrol Transport to
their Republic and Imperial armies. The beautifully detailed,
unpainted hard plastic miniature can be assembled with either
Phase II clone pilots or Imperial TIE pilots, and unit cards for
both factions help players fully integrate them into their forces.
In addition to these cards, 12 upgrade cards invite players to
customize their LAAT/le with unique pilots from both factions
as well as ordnance and comms systems.