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Sylvion Mini Expansion


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 Sylvion: Below Ground is a 16-card expansion that adds an additional challenge to Sylvion.

Shuffle the cards, then place them face down in the 4x4 battlefield grid. During the game, when you want to place a tree or a fountain on a terrain card on the battlefield, you must first pay the cost, then reveal the terrain card. Then:

  • If the terrain card is unoccupied, remove it from play and place the tree or fountain in this space.
  • If the terrain card shows an owl, remove it from play, place the tree or fountain in this space, then draw two cards from the defender deck.
  • If the terrain card shows a swallower, remove it from play along with the tree or fountain that you were going to place; you receive no compensation. (If the removed card was a fountain, draw one card from the defender deck as if the fountain were defeated in battle.)