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Three Star Zoo - Adventure World Edition (Import)

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This game does not include English instructions. English instructions can be accessed by clicking here.

"Three-Star Zoo Adventure World Edition" is a sequel to "Three-Star Zoo" released in 2021. This time, it is a special edition modeled on the animals living in "Adventure World" in Wakayama Prefecture, and as a point of the new game, the actual activities in the garden, such as cleaning the animals' poop and composting the poop . Appears as part of the game.

Place animals in the squares (areas) that correspond to the dice rolls, and if your animal is in the dice area, you can get coins according to the effect. As you accumulate coins while repeating this, you will be able to buy "stars", which are proof of first-class, and the first person to collect three stars wins.

In this work, animal poop will appear as a new element. You can clean up the poop with coins, but if it accumulates too much, it will be certified as a zoo that has not been cleaned enough, and the stars and animals will be confiscated, so be careful...!

In addition, the range of strategies has been expanded by adjusting the rules. Those of you who have played the previous game, "Three-Star Zoo," should be able to enjoy the deeper gameplay. This work, which has evolved greatly while maintaining the original fun, is a strategy game that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.