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Time Stories: Revolution - A Midsummer's Night (standalone)


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Part of the new series TIME Stories Revolution, A Midsummer’s
Night is a complete, standalone game. No prior knowledge of TIME
Stories, both in mechanics or narration is needed. Veterans and
new players alike will discover a brand new, complete game, using
the mechanics of The Hadal Project and fully compatible with the
accessory box Experience.

• A new TIME Stories Revolution story that sends
players back to the premiere of A Midsummer
Night’s Dream!
• Complete Experience - Everything needed to
play in one box. New players can experience the
T.I.M.E. Stories universe easier than ever.
• Streamlined Gameplay - A leaner, streamlined
version of TIME Stories: shorter duration, no
repetition, simple and engaging system.
• Original Story - A very original scenario with a
familiar yet largely twisted historical setting.