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Lead your clan across the lands of Vaalbara!
All players have the same deck of 12 cards representing the members of their tribe. Each turn, players choose secretly one card. In the order of initiative of the revealed Characters, players will be able to activate their powers and take over one of the available Territories. Deciding between playing the best powers and high initiatives at the most opportune moment will be difficult. After 9 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game and unites the tribes of the continent under their banner!

★ GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATIONS: The vibrant landscapes and dramatic characters will immerse you in this fantasy neolithic setting.
★ INTERACTIVE CARD PLAY: Some Character and Land effects score depending on other players‘ cards, intertwining everyone’s decisions.
★ REACTIVE STRATEGY: With two phases of card play, you need to balance your priorities with what other players might do.
★ NINE 30-MIN EPISODES: Roleplay in short time commitments or play episodes back-to-back to immerse yourself in the story.

• 51 Land cards
• 60 Character cards
• 75 Victory Point tokens
• 1 rulebook