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1898, Siberia, the seismologist Edgar Vuntaf discovers a continent free of any human presence, sheltering a teeming life, in forms never encountered before! Unknown plants, colossal creatures... Faced with this shocking discovery, the world's scientific elite, gathered in Paris for the Universal exposition, create the Vivarium Syndicate, and decide to send explorers into this new continent.

Vivarium is an efficient and tense card collection game with a great artistic direction! Each turn players use dominoes to create coordinates that allow them to build their card collection. After 7 rounds, the player that has successfully completed their objectives and collected the greatest creatures wins the game.

★ UNIQUE USE OF DOMINOES: Each turn, add a domino to the one in the middle of the table, creating coordinates that let you take a card from the board.
★ COMPLETE SECRET OBJECTIVES: Use these to drive your strategy to collect different creature colors, creature types, equipment, or other aspects of the game.
★ POWERFUL EQUIPMENT: Gain these cards to help complete certain objectives and for their unique special abilities or end-game scoring effects.
★ HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: The custom domino designs, sparkly amber gems, and details on the cards and board add to a luxury gaming experience.
★ BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK: See the creatures of Vivarium spring to life, each one with their own personality and storing that shines through in the illustrations.