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Wixoss: Standup Diva Booster Box

Takara Tomy

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Standup Diva adds And Rei (No Limit), WOLF (Card Jockey), Nova (Uchu no Hajimari), and Sanga (DIAGRAM) as new Center LRIGs for each team. This addition ensures that now all four teams have Center LRIGs. The set also features an Exceed ability that interacts with LRIG card effects to make them more powerful.

Each pack comes with 8 cards with 20 packs in a display. The rarity breakdown includes 6 Piece rares, 12 Super rares, 28 LRIG rares, 18 rares, and 32 commons.  There are also 82 all-foil parallel cards, which include 4 Diva rares, 12 secret rares, 16 LRIG rares, 18 rares, and 32 commons.